We are under siege. This global crisis is unlike anything any of us have ever encountered before. We are away from our work, afraid for our finances, afraid for our health and for those we love, living in enforced isolation, and enforced closeness with our partners and kids.

In this time of fear, isolation, and fragmentation, how do we keep connection and community alive?

The answer is, I’m not sure how. I have some thoughts, but I have never wanted to hear yours more than I do now. What has been your experience of this nightmare? How is it affecting your practices? And how is it affecting your lives?

We all spend our lives taking care of others. In the face of the current crisis, its important to dedicate time for nurture, support, and sharing.

How has COVID-19 affected your life and your practice? Listen to our discussion to hear from me and your peers in the RLT community.

Leave a comment below. Share your thoughts, challenges, and advice.