Work with Terry

Terry Real is an internationally recognized family therapist, speaker, and best-selling author committed to helping you build the lasting, loving relationship you deserve.

RLT Therapy Sessions

Terry occasionally has openings for new clients. Send request by email to: for consideration.  

Alternatively, we have many RLT Certified Therapists and Coaches that you may contact directly about their offerings.

Please visit out “Find an RLT Therapist” page. All professionals on this page are fully trained and certified in Relational Life Therapy.  We do not offer specific recommendations, please contact those on the page regarding their services and availability.

Other Ways to Work With Terry

We encourage you to explore other avenues of working with Terry and the RLT therapists he has trained:

Online Courses

We have several online courses designed to equip individuals and couples with the relational skills Terry teaches his clients for healthier relationships.

We recommend exploring Staying in Love: The Art of Fierce Intimacy first.

If you prefer to read a book, rather than taking a course, please do explore my book page

Couples Experiential

A couple times each year, Terry runs a two-day online workshop with five couples where each couple receives one session with Terry, which lasts up to 2 hours. This is conducted in a group setting, recorded, and observed by mental health professionals training in Terry’s RLT method (bound by strict confidentiality guidelines). If you’re interested in registering as one of the couples, the best way to be notified is to sign up to receive our email newsletters. You can do that here:


Find an RLT Therapist or Coach

Terry has trained thousands of therapists in his RLT method, and you can search for one near you for in-person sessions or online via our Therapist Map.