Getting Past You & Me to Build a More Loving Relationship


Back to Us: A Deep Dive Into Relational Skills to Reignite Your Relationship

Your 5-Month Journey to Rediscover Deep Intimacy & Passionate Connection

Back to Us is the first-of-its-kind live, interactive program from one of the world’s most renowned couples therapists, Terry Real.

This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Terry on a transformative 5-month journey. You’ll be able to ask him questions and dive deep into the powerful relational skills that hold the potential to help you repair your relationship.

Relational Parenting Live Course

Learn how to set limits with compassion, effectively build your child’s self-esteem, and form a robust parental team in this 5-week LIVE online course from leading family therapist Terry Real.

FREE Relationship Grid Assessment

Introducing: The Relationship Grid Assessment by Terry Real. End the Dysfunctional Cycles in Your Relationship and Stay in Love for Life.

Relating better to your partner starts with understanding them. Get a quick snapshot of how healthy your boundaries and self-esteem are—especially during conflict—in this free assessment.

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The Power of Fierce Intimacy

“Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship boosts your immune system, opens your heart, and keeps you vital and creative.”


STAYING IN LOVETransform Your Relationship with Practical Skills in this New Coursewith Terry Real

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Terry’s work, with its rigorous commonsense approach, speaks to both men and women. His ideas on men’s issues and on couple’s therapy have been celebrated in venues from the Good Morning America, The Today Show and 20/20, to Oprah and The New York Times.

A proponent of “full-throttle marriage,” as described in The Rules of Marriage, Terry has been called “the most innovative voice in thinking about and treating men and their relationships in the world today.”  In his latest offering,  Fierce Intimacy: Standing Up to One Another with Love,  Terry offers a revolutionary way of living in connection―one that allows you to cherish your partner, yourself, and your relationship in equal measure.

Guest Appearances

Talking with my Father about Trauma

A skinny twenty-seven-year old, I pull a thick afghan onto my lap and ask my father to tell me about his childhood. He begins with the usual maneuvers: he adopts surliness, then he jokes, evades. By this time I am armed with the fledgling skills of a young therapist....

“The Best Men Can Be”

On January 13th, Gillette released its already famous commercial, “The Best Men Can Be,” which garnered an immediate and emphatic backlash. The commercial juxtaposed men engaging in bullying behaviors with men performing acts of decency. The nerve the ad hit is...

How to Bring a Reluctant Man Back for a Second Session

In RLT, we have seven diagnostic lenses for looking at a really precise description of what is going on and what you're going to feed back to the couple. One of the seven lenses, which in some ways is the skeleton of the whole therapy, is stance, stance, and dance. In...

Why a Class on How to Engage Men?

 Let's talk about how to engage men. I'll be referring to some of my notes because this is a little technical. First of all, why am I even giving a class on how to engage men? How many of you have ever entered a lecture entitled how to engage women? Why is engaging...

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