The New Rules of Marriage Paperback


In this revolutionary book, Terry Real shows couples how to master the new rules of twenty-first-century marriage by offering them a set of effective tools with which they can create the truly intimate relationship that they desire and deserve. Random House. Available in Paperback or CD set.

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Terry Real identifies five non-starters to avoid and shares practical strategies for bringing honesty, passion, and joy back to even the most difficult relationship. Using his experience helping thousands of couples shift from despair to profound emotional closeness, Real guides you through the process of relationship repair with exercises that you can do alone or with your partner. With this program you’ll discover how to:

• identify and articulate your wants and needs
• listen well and respond generously
• set limits, and stand up for yourself
• embrace and appreciate what you have
• know when to seek outside help

The New Rules of Marriage will introduce you to a radically new kind of relationship, one based on the idea that every woman has the power to transform her marriage, while men, given the right support, have it in them to rise to the occasion.


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