Trauma Intensive

Taught exclusively by Belinda Berman-Real

The Trauma Intensive is a closely led small group, limited to five men and women, that provides the opportunity to explore issues from one’s childhood – less than nurturing experiences that set up the particular difficulties one experiences as an adult. These difficulties may be as troubling as addiction, depression, anxiety, or more simply, they may be problems in sustaining the loving relationship you deserve with yourself and with others.

The “traumas” one faces may be blatant, like flagrant abuse, or seemingly subtle, like emotional absence – but the experience of facing them in the group is often profound, and even life changing. Participants have been known to say that they get as much in this three-day experience as in months, even years, of therapy. Join us for this powerful, heart opening, process.

The Trauma Intensive is separated into three phases:

I – Informational Phase

During this phase participants will learn about boundaries and how, as a child, boundaries were possibly violated.

II – Debriefing Phase

This phase consists of delving into the past and recollecting less-than-nurturing and/or abusive childhood experiences and identifying associated feelings.

III – Experiential Phase

Participants will release painful emotions and begin to reclaim their rights and personal power.

Workshop Calendar

There are no dates scheduled now due to Covid-19 concerns.

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