Working With Infidelity in Couples Therapy Downloadable Audio Course


Terry Real believes that our goal as therapists should be more than just helping couples through the crisis, but for therapists to skillfully use the pain and disequilibrium of infidelity as a spring board for transformational change – change for each of the two partners, and for the relationship itself.   ‘Working with Infidelity In Couples Therapy’ is an online audio-course version of a Teleclass Course for professionals taught by Terry Real.  The set contains 4 modules covers the following topics:


  • The first question: What kind of infidelity and why?
  • To what degree is it primarily the involved partner’s character issues?
  • To what degree is it primarily a reaction to the relationship?
  • What about sex addiction?
  • The goals of treatment – changing the relationship by changing the character of the partners within it.
  • The therapeutic use of self – holding the disparate parts.
  • Types of infidelities.
  • Different reasons for infidelity.
  • The very different experience and interactions of the key players.
  • How to diagnose the relationship itself.
  • The healing process/levels of healing.
  • Critical elements of rebuilding.
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This is a downloadable audio course in 4 parts compiled from a recent tele-class course for professionals taught by Terry Real. Each module features Terry presenting tools and techniques for therapists to use to help couples reeling from this particular relationship crisis.


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